A: Most Givers’ trucks are 350-550 “duallies”.
A: The average Chips delivery is about 10 cubic yards (a big pile). A Rounds delivery can have 20-30 Rounds in it, all depending how it’s loaded. A Logs delivery can have 10-15 Logs in it.
A: Givers try to give away all of their Wood & Chips every day, during the day, by the end of the day or by the next morning at the latest. Most of them don't keep any of it anywhere. Remember, a “Giver”, doing commercial tree work does two main things all day, every day: 1 - Remove and/or trim trees and 2 - Dump. They must dump/deliver their Chips and Wood and return their trucks to empty so they can continue working.
A: Ideally, Givers deliver as close as possible to the jobs they are working at, or on their route that day.
A: The Giver Crew Leader/Foreman on the job makes all delivery decisions, unless his company’s office has a designated delivery coordinator that makes the decision for him.
A: The Givers have all kinds & species of Wood & Chips available every day. The Receiver can list his Wood & Chips species & preferences/requirement upon signup and that goes on his profile that the Giver can see and receive.
A: If a Giver has a low-quality load of Wood and/or Chips to get rid of, they will dump those loads at a public recycling/dump facility.
A: The Wood and/or Chips are not seasoned since the Giver typically produced them the same day or a day or two before a delivery. That said, the wood can be at any stage of dryness and sometimes has been dead/drying long enough to burn right away.
A: The Giver cannot calculate the number of cords in a Wood delivery since all deliveries/loads vary in amounts & sizes and can also depend on how they are loaded into their trucks.
A: Coming out to Giver’s jobs to pick up wood is possible but that has to be coordinated with the Giver’s Crew Leader. Most of the time the Giver delivers the Wood and/or Chips. If approved and coordinated with the Giver, a truck and/or a trailer can be brought to the job and the Giver will almost always assist in helping to load it for Receiver. Chips are always for delivery only, since the Givers chip into their own trucks. NO CARS, VANS, SUV’S, ETC., PLEASE! ONLY TRUCKS AND/OR TRAILERS SHOULD BE USED TO PICK UP WOOD ON JOBS!