A: Most Givers’ trucks are 350-550 “duallies”.
A: The average Chips delivery is about 10 cubic yards (a big pile). A Rounds delivery can have 20-30 Rounds in it, all depending how it’s loaded. A Logs delivery can have 10-15 Logs in it.
A: Delivery requests for Givers are $25 each unless they are paid for by the Receiver (these are noted as "FREE" on the Delivery request details).
A: Givers try to give away all of their Wood & Chips every day, during the day, by the end of the day or by the next morning at the latest. Most of them don't keep any of it anywhere. Remember, a “Giver”, doing commercial tree work does two main things all day, every day: 1 - Remove and/or trim trees and 2 - Dump. They must dump/deliver their Chips and Wood and return their trucks to empty so they can continue working.
A: Ideally, Givers deliver as close as possible to the jobs they are working at, or on their route that day.
A: The Giver Crew Leader/Foreman on the job makes all delivery decisions, unless his company’s office has a designated delivery coordinator that makes the decision for him.
A: The Givers have all kinds & species of Wood & Chips available every day. The Receiver can list his Wood & Chips species & preferences/requirement upon signup and that goes on his profile that the Giver can see and receive.
A: If a Giver has a low-quality load of Wood and/or Chips to get rid of, they will dump those loads at a public recycling/dump facility.
A: The Wood and/or Chips are not seasoned since the Giver typically produced them the same day or a day or two before a delivery. That said, the wood can be at any stage of dryness and sometimes has been dead/drying long enough to burn right away.
A: The Giver cannot calculate the number of cords in a Wood delivery since all deliveries/loads vary in amounts & sizes and can also depend on how they are loaded into their trucks.