How our program works for Receivers

1) Create your account. Click here to get started

2) Once you register, your profile is entered into a database and an icon for your location appears on a map once you request a delivery.

3) “Givers” (can be Arborists, Landscapers, anyone that has Chips or Wood to give away), access the map based on the area they want to deliver in.

4) The Giver chooses the location that is closest to his job or his route and then chooses and checks that profile to make sure the Receiver/you want or can receive what he has to give, while also considering your delivery instructions. (You should make your delivery instructions as clear and concise as possible).

5) When the Giver chooses your location to attempt a delivery to, you will receive notification that a Giver intends to deliver to you at any moment, usually the same day but it can also be the next day or even the day after that. At that time your profile is removed from consideration on the map so that you can focus on that one delivery and to avoid “double deliveries” or multiple deliveries. The Givers know they are to deliver only 1 time unless the Receiver approves more deliveries.

6) The Giver must close out the delivery within 2 days and mark it as delivered or not.

7) After a delivery is received or not, the Receiver’s profile automatically goes into “paused” mode and your location icon is removed from consideration on the map. It remains that way until you decide you are ready for another delivery, or not.