A: Coming out to Giver’s jobs to pick up wood is possible but that has to be coordinated with the Giver’s Crew Leader. Most of the time the Giver delivers the Wood and/or Chips. If approved and coordinated with the Giver, a truck and/or a trailer can be brought to the job and the Giver will almost always assist in helping to load it for Receiver. Chips are always for delivery only, since the Givers chip into their own trucks. NO CARS, VANS, SUV’S, ETC., PLEASE! ONLY TRUCKS AND/OR TRAILERS SHOULD BE USED TO PICK UP WOOD ON JOBS!
A: A Receiver can request smaller or partial load, but they would have to coordinate that with the Giver Crew Leader BEFORE a delivery is attempted. Sometimes that is possible, most of the time it is not. Givers will almost always deliver full truckloads only.
A: Wood comes in Rounds and Logs. Rounds are 18-22” long which is standard, firewood length. Width varies. Logs are longer than 22” and must be cut down to Rounds length if they are intended to be split and used for firewood. Logs width & lengths vary every day.
A: Givers require firm ground for a delivery and enough room for a 350-550 size dually dump truck to back up and dump. THEY DO NOT WANT TO GET STUCK WHILE ATTEMPTING A DELIVERY! That can cause substantial damage to the ground and costly delays for the Giver as normally they will have to be towed out. Ground softness/firmness is an important consideration for the Receiver when he requests a delivery in a certain location or spot on his property. Also, the Givers are not responsible for driveway or ground damage while making a delivery. A giver should never request a delivery to his driveway if he is concerned that it might get damaged in any way.
A: * 11 possible/typical reasons why you didn’t get a delivery:
  1. The customer decided to keep the Chips/Wood.
  2. The customer's next-door neighbor got the Chips/Wood.
  3. The customer asked the crew to take the Chips/Wood to a friend or a family member or to another location.
  4. Someone in the neighborhood of the job drove by, asked for and got the Chips/Wood.
  5. The crew decided not to deliver in the area of the job but rather to deliver in the area of the next job.
  6. The crew found a much closer location to their job than yours, to deliver to.
  7. The crew was on their last job of the day and decided to dump the next morning.
  8. For some reason, the job did not produce enough Chips/Wood to deliver that day.
  9. The Chipper’s blades were dull and produced an “ugly” load of Chips
  10. The crew had to throw the job’s leftover tree cleanup of “trash/debris” into the Chip or Wood truck, producing an “ugly” load of Chips or Wood.
  11. The job in your area may have been canceled or rescheduled for any number of reasons.